An Important Message Regarding the Future of the Dungeons

As those who follow us on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook have surely noticed, I and the Dungeons have been relatively quiet for the month, and the past three weeks have been virtually silent. The Dungeons are still running, I’m still here, but things are going to change a bit.

As anyone who knows me in the scene or in real life knows, the Dungeons have always been completely and wholly funded, promoted, and maintained by myself and only myself. When I first formed the site and idea, my main focus was to draw together a “monthly” online “periodical” based around and driven by underground retrowave and fantastic pop, metal, and horror culture, and to serve as a platform board with multiple fronts, writers, and contributors. However, there’s been a lot going on my end personally, which has detracted a bit of my time and focus that was typically dedicated to the site. I’ve been contemplating and putting a lot more focus on my own personal future as well as my faith, and it definitely shows in my lack of publishing.

No, I’m not locking down the Dungeons. If anything, the chains are about to become much more relaxed. Rather than continuing as an outlet with multiple staff, I’m taking more of a personal hold on the blog, and will be basically running it solo and therefore promoting it as such. Submissions from other writers are still more than welcome, there’s just not as much stress or emphasis on it anymore. Aside from the work of resident film assassin Tyrone Bruinsma, (who, by the way, has been the most dedicated and genuinely enthusiastic contributor to the site. Thanks, Tyrone. I mean it. You’re the man.), the site will be running primarily as a personal outfit for myself and my own reviews, interviews, and musings. The schedule of posting and releasing content will also be virtually erased and less rigorous, more relaxed and without deadlines.

This is a change that won’t affect any of our readers, nor will it really affect any of the other writers who come and go. We’ve got cool things coming still, especially as we approach August, and they’ll be a lot easier to maintain in this way.

A big thanks to anyone reading this. I’m looking forward more than ever to personally guiding you to your torturous demise.

-Lord Raven
Cosmic Inquisitor/Lord of the Dungeons

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