U.K. Retrowavers- Retro Future Festival is Coming and It Needs YOUR Help!

Retro Future Festival is a synthwave music and culture festival, projected to be the largest of its kind, pinned for July 28th, 2017 at Highbury Garage in London. There’s already a stunning confirmed line-up including:

Absolute Valentine
Sunglasses Kid
White Tiger

…and just as many yet to be announced. However, RFF is looking to be more than just a music festival. Aside from sponsors including promotional/design masters Beholderwear and talented British visual production house Final Film, the crew is bringing forth sponsorship from writer/director James Secker’s adventure of a horror film The Summoner, as well as a partnership with upcoming 80s-influenced, synth-soaked buddy cop comedy Retro Grade Future. More sponsors are on the way.

However… Retro Future Fest needs just a bit more funding by Sunday, May 28th to nail everything to the ground. Here’s how you can help:


The current official poster/flyer for the event

To aid with payment for the venue, attractions (including dancing retro babes and classic gaming machines) and decor, and paying three hard-working overseas travelling artists themselves, have opened a crowdfunding campaign over at Kickstarter detailing the event. You can pre-order your tickets (only £20!), as well as sign up for VIP and combo packages that will grant you access to a ton of cool perks, including but not limited to: special events with the cast and crew of Retro Grade Future, aesthetic fest and film t-shirts (who doesn’t love t-shirts?) and posters, and even free drinks.

Don’t live in Europe or can’t make it to the fest?

You can still donate any amount to help out the gathering, these artists, and the sponsors. Even sharing information about Retro Future Fest and the campaign on social media and helping to get the word out can influence the way things go.

If everything goes according to plan and the project reaches its goal of $4,500 by May 28th, Retro Future Fest will surely be a gorgeous hub for Europe’s retrowave community to meet and celebrate the neon glory together, as well as a newly shined front for the subculture to flourish on the map.

You can follow the festival’s progress on their Facebook page.

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