Vector Assailant breaks down entire Primitive Enemy album, new music coming this Fall

Since the April release of Vector Assailant‘s newest full-length/compilation, Primitive Enemy (available on Bandcamp), the Austin producer has stayed busy. I got in touch with Nicolai Lëur, AKA Vector Assailant, and pried his mind to learn the complete background and some of the production process on his first full new release since 2015. Here’s what he had to say:

“Primitive Enemy is an uncovered album written while in an isolated house with no Internet, had absolutely no audience in mind outside of writing for myself and experimenting with style, all of which coincided with various ups and downs. “Nauli” was one of the very first songs I ever wrote in a DAW, a very upbeat drum & synth excursion. “Far Below” was what happens after listening to a volume of Skinny Puppy’s Back and Forth while imagining being lost in a distant jungle, left to one’s own devices to find a solution. “Forbidden Death Prefix” was made using a different approach. Laptop, empty porch, time. It came after a burst of creativity in 2013 when I wrote an entire album in 3 weeks. I hadn’t made a decent sound since then until that hot summer day. I was glad to know the vibe was still there, minus the studio. “Distant Territory” was a fun track I made while being conned into mixing a Christian rap album. I kid you not. I quit the job. I didn’t finish it but I know it’s out there floating around the secular hip hop community, and I’m just cringing. This track however was the hidden gem tho; a simple relaxed straightaway riding a simple rhythm. It was once on SoundCloud but here it is, available again for all those who enjoyed it so much. The other four all have their own uniqueness- some explore downtempo electro, some flirt with synthpop, only much more distressed. Ending the album is “Genocide”, a strange darkwave track that had me on a tether for most of 2011.”


Primitive Enemy album art by Erick Pollard

(Allow me to note that “Genocide” is my favorite track on the album!) All that being said above, it’s probably safe to assume we can see newer material than that on Primitive Enemy coming soon. Some new Vector Assailant merch to get our cold hands on also seems to be in the works. Both of those assumptions, as well as the artist’s own inhalation of fresh air, can be confirmed in this statement from Vector Assailant below:

“The release of this is a release for myself- happy to know it’s available for those interested, happy to have those ideas out of the nest. 2017 has lots of fun surprises in store for Vector Assailant, including two albums, one due by September that I’ve had under a microscope making as perfect as possible. Unlike past recordings these were made at the highest bit-rate possible, and not only is the sound incredible but there is a secret badass at the controls to deliver one excellent album! CD and cassette will be available just in time for school! Then during the Halloween season there will be another album out. Music video in production, as well as some cool merch on the way!” 

Vector Assailant seems to be prepared for his biggest musical ventures yet starting around September, and we’re looking forward to it. Thanks to Nicolai for holding the fort down in Austin and for speaking with us. Expect to see him performing live shows very soon. Concerning his fans, Vector Assailant went out of his way to issue this statement:

“Thank you for taking an interest in Vector Assailant- my mission is to fly as high as possible, and I can only do it with awesome listeners like you!

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