DREDDD Drops Gorgeous Third Trailer for FacexHugger Fight- Watch It Here!

Following the announcement of Dungeons Magazine stepping on as a primary promotional sponsor of his upcoming fight with FacexHugger, DREDDD has dropped his third trailer detailing the sounds we are to expect in their split release this summer. The trailer features footage of a city we can only assume to be that of LA, the scheduled battleground for the wavy war. DREDDD mentioned on Twitter late Friday night that he was going on a drive to the big city, so it’s not to hard to assume we were looking through the very eyes of ol’ DREDDDful himself.

The trailer looks great, and things are slowly but surely beginning to heat up on the forefront. We’ve yet to hear anything to aggressive (or defensive, for that matter) come out of FacexHugger, but the violent night is still young, and we’ve got a ways to go before the two reduce Los Angeles to rubble. As always, we’ll be the first to let you know what happens.

To keep a detailed eye on the action, make sure to follow DREDDD and FacexHugger on Twitter.

If you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Safest seat in the city, we promise.


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