Lord Raven Signs on as Promoter for FacexHugger vs DREDDD Split Album


Tensions through Twitter have been rising between synthwave artists DREDDD and FacexHugger, and they continue to mount. After antagonization of FacexHugger, a former Dungeons guest, by DREDDD began late in April, rumors of total war between the two were confirmed when DREDDD posted a trailer (that you can watch here) on his personal YouTube channel. A split album was set for release within a few months, allowing the artists to settle their dispute like men- in musical mortal combat.

FacexHugger hinted at his agreement to do battle with his opponent during his recent Dungeons interview, and after another trailer and a secret meeting between DREDDD and the boss of Dungeons Magazine himself, it has been announced that Lord Raven has signed on as primary promoter of the fight as his first major business move while overlord of Dungeons Magazine. Lord Raven Presents: FacexHugger vs. DREDDD is set for release as the biggest blockbuster of the summer, and for very good reason. Both artists in their prime are bulking up their arsenals to drop their heaviest work yet, and there’s no doubt that they will. A release date has not been confirmed, but furtive eyes are directed towards June. The twenty track album will be available for purchase through Bandcamp.

By agreement, Lord Raven has issued that nearly all promotional content for the release will be published through Dungeons Magazine, including through the Dungeons Magazine YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for a release date, the official weigh-in, and for more information. Start placing those bets!

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Follow DREDDD on Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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