Netherlands’ Xetrovoid Drops New Thrash Metal Influenced Darkwave Single

Imagine, if you will, a cloudless night in the city, neon raining down from the corporate heavens above, supercars blazing past, pursued futilely by police, the light of the moon bathing the city in stark white. Imagine a peal of thunder, a crack of lightning and immediate panic as clouds descend upon the city. This night will be filled with bloodshed, surely. Such immediate panic and dramatism are evident within seconds in Xetrovoid’s newest single, which just dropped today, “Army of Steel”, the title eerily reminiscent of the robot fueled annihilation of the Terminator series. This harkening back to the work of James Cameron is embodied not only in the title, but in the music itself: a synthy assault peppered with double bass drums and licks that would be at home in a thrash metal outfit, which oddly enough meshes perfectly with the driving rhythm and urgency of the song. This mixture of metallic melodies and imagery of cybernetic obliteration are effortlessly complimented with dramatic synth work and a beat that forces one to nod the head. To be short, this single sounds like what would happen if a thrash metal band were to compose a 16-bit video game soundtrack, and it’s glorious. Xetrovoid hails from the Netherlands and is no stranger to the art of darkwave, as his previous release, March’s Nowhere to Run, should indicate, itself an impressive slice of synthy goodness. This new single is more than just promising, and its merits greatly warrant excitement for a new album.


“Army of Steel” cover featuring artwork by Anthony Beyer

“Agent of Steel” is available for free/name your price on Bandcamp. You can track Xetrovoid through Facebook and Twitter.


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